Encrypting messages since 2012

Project Duration: From idea to launch: 5 years

Project Type: Commercial

Platform: Mobile, Apple iOS 6

Role: Executive Creative Director & Interaction, UX Designer

Patents: Utility Patent: US 10,135,778 B2; Japan Patent 1513907

IP: Loeb & Loeb LLP

Engineering: Webline India

D_Coder is a mobile messaging application for the iOS, developed during iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad.

Anticipating the move away from SMS to augmented messaging apps like SnapChat and WhatsApp, D_Coder uses data to send messages, adding a visual and interactive element through mapping English characters to emojis to create simple codes. By utilizing D_Coder, users' conversations become visual candy, resulting in delight, levity, and fun.


In 2009, I noticed an issue with messaging on my phone: anyone around me could get a play-by-play of my life by simply picking up my phone and scrolling through my texts.

I thought: What if they couldn't read everything? What if scrolling through my phone's texts resulted non in a play-by-play of my life, but instead in a fun, yet unreadable, display of my conversations?

And further, what if this display was unique to each group or each conversation? What would that be like?

In essence, I had anticipated the rise of alternative messaging services like WhatsApp and SnapChat. I figured that people wanted to be able to text across platforms, as in SMS and, later, in WhatsApp, and that they also wanted to be able to lose some conversations, as SnapChat has demonstrated. I latched onto the idea that maybe everything we do and say on the internet shouldn't be permanent. Again, what would that be like? And so, I came up with D_Coder.

Product Development & Iteration

Concept Ideation

Interaction Design aka Game Choreography

Drawing Wireframes

Final Product Design