Constructing Visual Arcs

Position Duration: 2009-2014

Project Types: Commercial, Editorial, Music Video

Platform: Film

Role: Director

As a director, I create stories for various clients and artists. In addition to an intensive getting-to-know-you research process with the subject or client that includes conversations, tours, and meetings, I gather my inspiration for each story from history, films, and projects of diverse antecedents.

I use experimental filming techniques, including one-of-a-kind fabricated camera and lighting rigs, film cameras and lenses combined with digital technologies, and historic filming techniques. Below, peek into my process.


A narrative short exploring the memory-evoking power of clothes, and the cross-generational links they can create. Based on my own relationship with my mother through her sense of style, and on Designer Abigail Lorick's deep sense of the connective power of fashion.


Music video for artist Kilo Kish's single, Julienne.

At Night — With Us

My love note to Brooklyn's Broadway, subways, and rain.